At a library near you this week!

Many of you will be at various events on Saturday, some very far away!

I’ve had Whidbey Island on the calendar for months. I’ll be speaking and signing books at the library in Freeland on Saturday January 21 at 11 a.m.

img_7396Come join me? (and Steve, and Chester)

Freeland sports a cafe with great coffee and super friendly locals, and Chester’s favorite beach at Double Bluff where he can run for a long, long way and all of us can breathe fresh air and stretch our legs under a wide sky.

I’ll be reading from my novel, showing photos and quoting choice bits from news and letters. Some still shock me, though our political climate now would fit well with a lot going on then! The famous Isaac Ebey and his farm on Whidbey show up in the novel so I’ll be focusing somewhat on that for this audience.


Isaac Ebey’s farm on Whidbey

If you are not in Washington D.C. or trying to hide in a quiet place from the hubbub, might you consider a ferry ride and lovely place to get out for the day?

IMG_8004We all have to follow our consciences. As a former community college teacher for refugees, my conscience led me to the Martin Luther King Jr. parade. This year focused on unity, with a broad coalition of people and leaders. I loved the challenge to reach out, to love and listen to those who might oppose or even hate us. Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life in that effort.

What do we live for, even in quiet ways? What do we care enough to die for? Strong questions.

A Cradle in the Waves is a coming-of-age novel; but set here, in a community struggling with land issues, race issues, with the disenfranchised new-comers and the unseating of early peoples from their homes; with the bold, the timid, the bullied, the teenage love-struck, with mothers and chiefs.

Their concerns, sorrows, challenges and joys, their very human foibles and sometimes terrible mistakes can speak to us even now.

Hope you can join me, Saturday or at a future event. 

As always, thank you sincerely for all the love and encouragement that keeps this writer going!

Love to each and every one of you, and peace.