“A remarkably well-told story. What I loved the best: the petty fights, jealousies, bullying, gossip, and cliques—I know these people!” Dr. Susan Zwinger, Author & Naturalist

“Heckt does an admirable job of creating young adult historical fiction that not only touches on the very real and difficult issues of Indian/White tensions in the mid-to-late 19th century in the Pacific Northwest, but also weaves in the age-old problem of bullying.” Betty Oppenheimer, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, Communications Specialist

“I just finished Cradle in the Waves and I most definitely will be adding it to my 5th grade classroom library under historical fiction!”  R. Kettel, teacher

“The new girl in town learns about friendship and love and second chances. Great historical detail!” Recommended Read, The Edmonds Bookshop

Comments from Readers

“I’m really enjoying reading your book. I can’t bear to put it down!”

“I just finished your lovely book and found it not only delightful, but chock full of the most interesting pieces of history. The History Behind the Story was deeply intriguing.” 

“Reading your book has been one of the delights of our summer.”

“I love your characters in the book. What I really needed right now was a book that would hook me from the get-go, and yours has!”

“I LOVED your book. I started it one day and finished the next. Beautifully written!”

“I loved your book. So engaging, I felt I was there with your descriptions.”

“Just finished your lovely book. Looking forward to the next one!”

“We raised our kids nearby…so I was fascinated by the geography (your map) as well as the historical stories about that area and the photos.”

“The voice of the story was beautiful. I went to the beach the day after I finished and felt like I was back in time! You know how a good book lingers in the soul? Yeah, it was like that.”

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